Caramella was in her room, brushing her hair, and looking at her mirror. She remember the time her mother use to did this too her. When she was small, loved getting her hair brushed. Her mother put ribbons, and barites in her hair. Those were the days. The days all she had to do was go to school, and be cute. Those were the days she whispered to herself. Her parents worked on those days. Sometimes her parents lied to the school to say she was sick. So she can stay, and watched them worked. When she was older, she begin assist them with their projects. Those times were the most fun. Making new creations, and candy creations. Suggesting new ideas, and making those ideas. Those were days seem perfect, and everlasting. Until one day Caramella frowned. It was eight years ago, but she remembered it well. She came back from school, with Orby. Everything seem normal, she open the door. Everything seem strangely quiet she couldn’t even heard the candy machines. Momma, Papa, she went to the kitchen, and still no answer her parents would greet her by now. She was starting to get worry. Until she saw a letter working down at the lab. Start the snack machine. She felt sort at ease. There just making something in the lab. But her stomach turn feeling something still wasn't right.  After an hour, she started to get worry again. She finished the cookies, and id most of her home worked .Her parents would came up by now she thought. She decide to go own at the lab, when she walking. She told herself nothing was wrong. If something happen the alarm would went off by now. But her stomach still, turned. At the lab she notice something was immediately wrong. It was dark the power wasn't on. Momma she said, she'd still had no awnswer. She walk around until, a hand touched her .She turn around and saw a woman. Who she made out to be her mother. Momma she said, her mother didn't say anything. Just motion her to be quiet, and took her hand .Leading her, at some point she stopped. After her mom made sure the close, was clear. Her mother turned, around and kneeled down. Then gave her an envelope, keep this safe. Don't let anybody take it. Her mother hugged her, and said I love you. After her mom stop hugging, her eyes widen. Mom?  Carmella said. Her mother didn't say, anything. Suddenly she was impaled from the back threw her body. Mom Caramella said horrified, Caramella Mom suddenly leapt on the floor. Caramella saw a man wearing a black suit, with a mask on. The man suddenly grin, and snatched the envelope from her hand. Why thank you he said, and begin to walked away, Caranmela made out another man coming towards her. Which she recognize was her father. The man stop, and press button his hand. Which shooted sharp objects at him. Caramella's dad head blown off. Well that talked cares at that. He turned around and took his masked off. Caramella could see a clear picture of him. But what should I do with you? He said as he touch her chin. Caramella freezzed in terror. He smirked I could kill you, but that would be such a waste. Besides you look cute when you’re about to cry. Also you can become useful for me in the future. The man snicker, and turn around leaving Caramella in the dark. Caramella looked in the mirror, you took everything await from me she said. The man words came playing back to her, you can become very useful me in the future. I was useful to him, she realized. Remember that day at his office the numbness, the silent pain. Her being touched everywhere, he mocking her. He laughing her as she cried. Laughing as he took her virtue away from her. Caramella looked up at her reflection. Feeling now a heaped of disgust. Filthy she thought, Filthy she said, she saw the man at the mirror laughing at her. Caramella got her knife, and stabbed the mirror. The mirror shattered but she still heard the laughs in her head. The mocks from that day .The flashbacks keep replaying in her head like a broken tape. Caramella plopped in her bed, shaking. Feeling anger, sadness, and disgust. Disgust at him, and disgust at herself. She begin scratching at herself. He was filthy she thought, and she was taken by him. So that made her filthy as well. Filthy I’m filthy, and digusting she said. Started crying and kept doing it until. She begin crawling at her shoulder. Trying to make it bleed, she continued until she heard. No you’re not, a gentle voice said. She felt a gentle hand start rubbing her back. Suddenly the flashbacks stop. You’re not filthy Pergamum, told her. It’s alight now, you’re safe now. The man is gone he can't hurt you anymore. He's dead, and probably in hell now. Caramella stop trembling, and let go of her shoulder. She felt a sense of peace swept threw her body. At that moment she didn't felt so disgusting. She grabbed Perumun s hand, and hold it tightly...Pergamum continued to rub her back until she stopped crying. And stayed in the room until she felled asleep.  

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