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  • Imaginationgirl

    For the alters

    March 22, 2015 by Imaginationgirl

    I been noticing lately,we been  having some inconsisties with the Alter ages,and main  vcharacter ages/.Keep i mind  eventhough it is your characters.Having one character in Allter,or main older than the other.Would not make any sense.There alternate versions of your characters,they would have the same age.  Also we have been lacking meetings lately.I know you all have schoool,and stuff. But please give a noticice if your mnot going to be at the meeting.The meetings,arer at Saturday,and Friday at chat.If we need to reschedulewe so be it.For another time that works for everyone so ,we cann do that.

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  • Imaginationgirl


    March 19, 2015 by Imaginationgirl

    Caramella was in her room, brushing her hair, and looking at her mirror. She remember the time her mother use to did this too her. When she was small, loved getting her hair brushed. Her mother put ribbons, and barites in her hair. Those were the days. The days all she had to do was go to school, and be cute. Those were the days she whispered to herself. Her parents worked on those days. Sometimes her parents lied to the school to say she was sick. So she can stay, and watched them worked. When she was older, she begin assist them with their projects. Those times were the most fun. Making new creations, and candy creations. Suggesting new ideas, and making those ideas. Those were days seem perfect, and everlasting. Until one day Caramella …

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  • Imaginationgirl

    "Hello my name is Candy,and here is 

    "Hello my name is Caramella, Camramella interupted before Candy could finish

    "And this is Candy said  looking at Emily,who was siting ther silently,and emoitionless.I s Emily.

    This is a Candy begin,an  a-

    And this is an ask blog Caramella said with a smile.What's wrong Candy you look anoyed with someone? Caramella said with a smirk.

    Candy just ignored her,and continued this is an ask blog.You can ask us three anything,

    Nothing is off limits Caramella said.

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