Trista is a vampire and the middle child of the Victor sibilings, as well as the only female.

Personality Edit

Trista can be described as flirty, headstrong and mischievous. She greatly enjoys fashion, sweets, partying, dancing and music and she often writes poetry in her diary. Trista likes being a vampire and she likes to flirt with her victims before turning or feasting on them. She often teases her younger brother Dylan by sharing gory details of her attacks to make him sick.

History Edit

Trista grew up in the State Home for Lucky Children, where she met Dylan and Ben . Prior to this, Trista had a comfortable life with her parents, who were always busy and often leaving her alone.When an economic downturn hit the area, several businesses began to close, and Trista's her parents found themselves out of a job. After a while, her parents took her to the State Home For Lucky Children with an unfulfilled promise that they would return. Trista became friends with Dylan and Ben, and she would always defend Dylan when he was bullied. Soon she and her friends were adopted by Victor, who transformed them into vampires and took them home to be his children.

Apperance Edit

Trista has pale white skin, long, dark pink hair and sharp nails. She wears makeup and a cross necklace that was given to her by her deceased grandmother.

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