ToxToys was a toy company; it was very famous and was enjoyed by the general public until the Nightmare day at their amusement park.

Amusement Park Edit

ToxToy Amusement park was a family oriented amusement park. It was full of life and enjoyment. Ever since the nightmare incident the amusement park was abandoned leaving the toys,machines,buildings and rides to rot. Some of the machines,rides,and toys are still running which makes the place off limits and dangerous. The amusement park had the largest ToxToy factory. It also had a secret lab which was used to find a cure for disease.

The Nightmare Incident Edit

The Nightmare incident or Bloody Saturday came into being because of a dispute among its owners. The older owner made a cure for a fatal disease that affected children. The owner was going to release the vacine free of charge but his coworker wanted to make money off it. After a brutal argument the old owner fired his young coworker which enranged him and made him seek revenge. The cowoker with hired help implanted chips in the toys and machines then planted bombs and made a virus to affect the whole park. The following Saturday at noon when the park was at its busiest the terror began; the toys and the machines start attacking the public. Bombs that were plantted in small and gigantic stuffed animals, jack in the boxes began to explode. The rides wouldn't stop; they kept running at very dangerously high speeds. Most people there were killed or severly injured. This whole incident caused the amusement park to shut down and the vaccine never was released to the general public.