The Aneaga Constitution is a treaty signed thousands of years ago by the leaders of Aneaga.

Rules Edit

There are a few rules for Aneaga and all its denizens:

  1. Each leader of a town city or kingdom is required to attend the annual meeting which is held up north.
  2. Each city, town and kingdom must register.
  3. If you want to make a new town you must get permission from the leaders.
  4. Each town city and kingdom must have an army or a police force.
  5. Some members of each force will be selected to join the PA.
  6. If the continent is being invaded, attacked or theatened all towns, cities and kingdoms will band together to defeat the crisis.

PA Edit

PA (for Protection of Anega) is an organisation consisting of agents coming from all over Aneaga. Their missions are classified but their purpose is to protect Aneaga at all costs by eliminating any threats, capturing spies or culprits.

The Meeting Edit

The meetings are held every year up north in a hidden base located in the snowy mountains. Each meeting is a month long and they are for discussing updates, new ideas, news of any threats and where people can suggest making their own town.

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