Splicers are obedient,and mindless beings created by Elise and Dr Marcus. Elise uses them as her henchmen,and weapons.Elise said there her greatest accomplishment.

Appearance Edit

Splicer's do not have no definiteness shape,or form . But there main form s black,and is gooey substance. .The other main form is,a human like shadow formed . That has no face or detail,except a moth that has sharp teeth and is always smiling mischievously.

Abilitise Edit

Splicers abilities consist of shape shifting,super strong,can turn to poison,or hard,and sharp substance.

Splicers usualy pretend to be the victims shadows,and when the victim is unguarded. They depending on the mission,grabbed the victim . Either hardening there mimicking hands to slice them to deices,or make them self acid like and burning them.After the victim is dead,they usually decompose it,or eat it.

Personality Edit

Splicer's have no definite personality,they just loyal to there masters . And just follow whatever said orders. But they can be sadistic,as they laughed when they caught there victim. And they either smirked,or smiles get wide when they slowly killed there victim.

Weakness/Strengths Edit

Fire is a weakness,and severe heat is a weakness to the splicers. Lazars,and fire powers can destroyed them,but water and darkness makes them stronger.Also sunlight can make them week,or even dried them up. So splicers only worked at night,ad not day.

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