Siorafrica's flag.

Siorafrica is comprised of 100 districts which are of equal size (10 km wide and 10km deep) and are circular in shape. The very central circle is the capital. The most outer circle is the military district which is covered in mountains and heavily fortified. The ones in between are where resources are gathered and farming is done. Its people are diverse, the climate is temperate and the military is hi-tech and well trained (due to a focus on quanity over quality). Being a new state it focused just on the basics, agriculture and the military in its first year but now it looks to set up businesses and develop rapidly. Although it can develop its industries by itself it would appreciate foreign help in doing so and Siorafrica doesn't have a tourism industry at the start of the game. Having every natural resource but not a huge amount of any of them it intends to make technology and tourism the backbones of its economy. In Siorafrica years are also known as Siorafrica Year x or y so the year that the game begins in is Siorafrica Year 2.


Having been founded as a reaction against the failings of existing political systems Siorafricanism provoked a lot of criticism and controversy. The followers of older ideologies were quite happy to let the siorafricanists leave and go to a barren land and be left to their own devices. Here intelligence and not popularity, genetics, brutality or wealth would determine who would rule. The founder of the ideology Sioraf as Na Cillini knew that he would not be smart enough to win the annual Ruler tests but argued that as the founder he should get some credit. For this he received the following rewards;

  • He was allowed to choose the national motto; Rechtigkeit, gezundheit und gemutlichkeit (German for Righteousness, health and comfort).
  • For administrative purposes Siorafrica would be divided into 100 districts of equal size with economic policy devolved to them and their District Economic Councils since different places will have different geographies and as a result different economies but all other matters would be decided on a national basis by the Ruler.
  • Any Ruler who would be defeated during the annual Ruler tests must step down peacefully or be arrested. The military is taught to be independent of politics in the country and must prevent civil war if it brews. 
  • All Rulers must promise to keep unemployment below 20% (preferably as low as 4%) and to keep inflation in single digits (preferably 2%).

Ruler Tests

There are 5 testing rooms. Each one has a number of sheets stapled together with 200 questions on either history, philosophy, science, religion or psychology. Once a candidate has left a room the next candidate enters. Once all candidates have finished in all rooms the candidate who has gotten the most right answers is the winner and becomes Ruler at least until the next Ruler tests or until he/she resigns or dies. The Ruler appoints one adviser for each of the aforementioned subjects. The Ruler has absolute power (except over economics) until the next Ruler test (which happens annually) and can appoint an advisor for each of the aforementioned subjects.



Being made up of immigrants from all parts of Aneaga it has a mediocre economy at the start of the game but it is growing. Houses were built very small to save time but this also takes up less land and avoids the high population density of tower block flats and the like. As the game starts the Siorafricans are in the process of starting a myriad of small businesses in every district and these businesses will offer training to people who are too young to enter the workforce yet. From the ages of 5 to 20 Siorafrica's citizens are to either study their interests whether in libraries or at home using technological devices or to get training for the job they would like in the future. Schools are privately owned (due to their similarities to businesses) and going there isn't compulsory. Taxes vary by district; there are national taxes which go to the central government but deductions are given for district economic council taxes. For example the base rate of income tax on the rich is 49% national tax but if a district sets its top rate of income tax at 10% then the district will get all of that 10% and the rich in that district will also pay 39% income tax to the central government. In Siorafrica a district or the government spending more than it brings in is illegal. In order to have strong competition in the radio business only 2 companies are allowed; the state company and a privately owned company. Siorafrica's economy is in transition from a 99% agricultural economy to a 51% agricultural economy.


  • In the late 2000's Sioraf as Na Cillini had a site hosted by Google called Siorafrica; a portmanteau of Sioraf and Africa and he used this name for his fictional countries in nation simulation games. One African player of Cybernations mistook Sioraf for an African as a result.


As of the start of the game a railway going all around Siorafrica's border is in the process of construction starting from the middle of the 100th district. The outer track is for the guntrains and the inner track is for civilian trains.