(Pronounced Shun-ock oss Bear-ah.) After a traumatic youth as an orphan on the streets witnessing a lot of crime and almost getting killed in a huge street fight he washed dishes and then moved to Siorafrica with the money he made. He is determined to lift himself and others out of poverty. He works as a typist in the National Bank Of Siorafrica (which is located in the 1st district which is the most inner district and is the capital of Siorafrica) and also does charity work. Being a civilian his initial weapon is a knife.



Sionnach is 6 foot 3 inches tall and has a 6 pack. His naturally orange hair which goes down to his eyebrows at the front and down to his shoulder blades at the back has at this point gone a very light brown from stress and his beard has gone auburn. He has pale skin and Asian shaped eyelids, big dark blue eyes with deep bags under them. He wears a black cape and under it a medium blue suit.


Sionnach likes foxes and giraffes and can even communicate with them at this point and he is thorough, shy, patient, calm, intelligent (and verbose as a result), pragmatic and a military genius with a big knowledge of history and politics who also has an interest in religion, science, economics, philosophy and psychology as well as softness, cuteness and gentleness. He remembers even details which seem insignificant at the time but later turn out to be indicative of a person's wider personality. He has a low opinion of humanity, regarding almost everybody as idiots, jerks, passive aggressives and hedonists and he hasn't met many people who would dissuade him from this view. Having recognised the illusion of knowledge long ago he has been able to avoid it and so is able to come to conclusions and take positions based on which ones seem the most rational as opposed to the most convenient for himself. He cares about other people and wants to improve their lives but is worried that he might not make much impact in this. He has a liking for softness, cuteness and gentleness and is prudish but is willing to listen to dirty jokes. Unfortunately he is also paranoid, cowardly, slightly traumatised, sexually and romantically confused between heterosexuality and nothing and is an uncreative manic depressive with bad social skills and while usually he doesn't have much emotion he sometimes has an emotional meltdown.


Name Ability Type Description Unlocks At Level Ammunition Consumption Per Hit?
Big Rock Throw Ranged Sionnach throws one of the rocks from his big rock collection. Already has it 10
Trench And Barbed Wire Tactical Increases Sionnach and his allies' Defence by 20%. 8 No
Big Stick Sternum Whack Melee Sionnach whacks an enemy in the sternum with his 5 foot stick. 16 No
Loud Roar Tactical Reduces all enemies' Defence by 30%. 24 No
Outflank Tactical Increases Sionnach's Ranged and Melee Attack ratings by 67%. 32 No
Mental Comforting Tactical Boosts' Sionnach's allies' Health by 9%. 40 No
Quick Thinking Tactical Reduces all enemies' Ranged Attack by 40%. 48 No
Intense Concentration Tactical Reduces all enemies' Melee Attack by 25%. 56 No
Tactical Orders Tactical Increases Sionnach's allies' Ranged Attack by 20%. 64 No
Decisive Action Tactical Increases Sionnach's allies' Melee Attack by 15%. 72 No
Siorafrican Health Kit Usage Tactical Increases Sionnach's Health by 9%. 80 No
Resupply Tactical Increases all party members' ammunition by 2,500 88 No
Platinum Gun Tactical Increases the amount of money gained. 96 910
Hurricane Bombardment Ranged Seeing no other option Sionnach unleashes as quick and powerful a barrage as he can. 99 900

Fighting Stats (At Level 1)

(420 points total for Health and Ammunition and a total of 23 points for the other stats.)

Health: 320
Ammunition: 100
Defence: 11
Speed: 1
Ranged Attack: 1
Melee Attack: 10

Starting Life Sim Stats (Out Of 999)

Default is 600 for each attribute as he is a main character.

Physical: 600
Mental: 999
Emotional: 901
Health: 500
Energy: 400
Happiness: 200


  • In terms of witnessing crime and living in a rough neighborhood Sionnach's backstory (but nothing else about him) is partly based on that of Mr. T.
  • Sioraf as Na Cillini had given him his name after one of his favourite animals (fox, sionnach in Irish) and the Beara peninsula in west Cork and east Kerry. Although the idea of setting the RPG on Earth was scrapped he kept the name even though its meaning has became irreleveant.

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