Sid is a 12 year old clone of the orphan squad. He is the clone of Sionnach.

History Edit

Just like the other three clones he was cloned accidently by Doctor Hughes' machine. As the building collapsed he was rescued by Pergamum and Sionnach just like the other three.

Personality Edit

Sid can be described as a leader type. He always makes sure his fellow clones are safe and would protect them in an instant. He can be very stubborn and takes a while to trust anyone. He also can get angry easily but always tries to keep it under control. He shares an interest in cute things even though he dosen't want to admit it.

Appearance Edit

Sid has short red hair,and dark blue eyes like Sionnach. He wheres a white shirt,brown pants and a brown sweater which he ties up on his waist and he has black boots.

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