Scarlet is a girl in her late teens and is one of the black children. She's also the foster daughter,and assistant of Dr.Marcus.

Appearance Edit

Scarlet has long dark red hair,violet eyes,and medium brown skin . She has two outfits around town she wears a regular white tshirt,and tan pans. But when she is working as assistant,or her missions as one of the black children.She has more gothis out fit a long red dress,and long sleathe d black stripped shirt.She wears black combact boots,blacked eyes liner,eye shawdow,and long blacked nails.

Powers Edit

Scarlet can stretched,fly,and generate fire.

Personality Edit

Scarlet has a general cold,and could care less attitude . She usualy dosen't talked muched,and usualy only talked to Dr. Marcus.When people annoyed her,she usualy rolled her eyes. And when she given her missin she sas whatever. She loves music,and especialy rocked music. Scarlet why don't show to much regret,or remorse for what she done. She gets iffy,and disgusted when she see Dr,Marcus,and Elise experimenting on children.She also likes giving people makeovers.

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