Gender Unknown
Age 89
Species human
Status alive
Faction Diner owner
Relatives Sister

Occupation Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Resides in The Valley
Aliases Unknown

Sapiens is an wise old man,who owns a diner in Aneaga. He also Gabbi's boss,when she works at the diner.

Personality Edit

Sapiens personality can be describe kind,and goofy . He loves telling people especialy Gabbi about his adventures,and quest when he was young. He also likes to tell jokes,and riddles.While goofy,he can still be very seriouse if the time is needed. He is also verry wise,and cairing. He cares a lot for Gabbi ,even makes dinner for her . And tries to stay up,until she comes back from n adventure.

Appearance Edit

Sapiens is a short old man ,only 3.9 feet tall. His ears are partly pointy due to the fact he is part elf. Sapiens where brown pants,and white robe shirt. He also wheres sandles,and has a belt with a jewl in it.

Talents Edit

Sapien has many talents ,he can cook,sew,and fight. He can also turn inbvisible,and is verry flexiable for a man his age.

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