Richard Stacker and Joe the Crow

Richard Stacker and Joe the Crow by Person with person

Richard Stacker and Joe The Crow are a foul mouthed radio duo in Siorafrica. Stacker has a habit of insulting listeners when they pick songs he doesn't like and he constantly calls people stereotypes. Joe says rude things, especially to any guests they may get. Joe has bloodshot eyes from drinking too much alcohol and frequently burps, farts or throws up owing to his drink problem. The show is broadcast on Siorafrica's private radio station since the government radio station thought he would alienate listeners. After all, he was fired from every other radio station in Aneaga so he had moved to Siorafrica. Stacker starts off his show by saying "Yeah yeah yeah this is Richard Stacker comin' atcha and I'm here with Joe The Crow, let's start the show yo".


  • Stacker is based on Boyd Packer from the notorious 1992 Sega CD videogame Make My Video: Kris Kross. His name is based on both Packer and the name of the man who played him.
  • 1992 is also the year in which Sioraf as Na Cillini was born.
  • Joe The Crow was the first villain thought of for the game but Sioraf as Na Cillini decided to remake him as a sort of foul mouthed puppet like Dustin The Turkey. Joe was originally going to be called Jim as a reference to the Jim Crow Laws but Sioraf decided to change his name due to a certain coincidence.
  • Coincidentally there is also a character in the anime A Little Snow Fairy Sugar called Joe who is a crow.

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