Pergamum (also known by his stage name Gree D) is Sionnach's evil version. He has short black hair, black eyes and medium white skin. He is a cruel machiavellian. He is in a rap group with Cree P and Phil T. Like Sionnach he dresses all in black and had a rough childhood. Pergamum's objective is to establish a dictatorship with him as its head and to be remembered favourably forever and to improve the world, espcially for the less well off. Rather than seizing power using military force he plans to do it through economic power. He swindles cash and commits fraud to get money which he uses to bribe authorities if he gets caught and to pay his minions. Although Pergamum knows that a number of his actions are wrong he believes that the ends justify the means and so he should carry on doing what he does; he wrongfully belives that realpolitik and machiavellianism are the same thing. Pergamum uses cruelty on his enemies to deter other people from becoming his enemies. While initially an anti-hero he becomes a hero later on and discards his old negative traits. His default weapon is a submachinegun.

Stats At Level 1Edit

Health: 410
Ammunition: 10
Defence: 21
Speed: 1
Ranged Attack: 1
Melee Attack: 1


Name Ability Type Description Unlocks At Level Ammunition Consumption Per Hit?
Bayonet Thrusts Melee Pergamum stabs all his enemies. Already has it No
Grenade Barrage Ranged Pergamum throws grenades into the enemy formation. 99 900
Fortification Tactical Increases Pergamum's Defence by 80%. 15 No
Move To The Centre Tactical Reduces all enemies' Melee Attack by 80%. 44 No
Pergamum's Resupply Tactical Increases Pergamum's ammunition by 9999 72 No
Flash Bomb Tactical Reduces all enemies' Defence by 51%. 84 No
Taking Cover Tactical Reduces all enemies' Ranged Attack by 80%. 29 No
Health Kit Usage Tactical Increases Pergamum's Health by 9%. 58 No

Differences Between Sionnach And PergamumEdit

Sionnach Pergamum
Based on Sioraf as Na Cillini. Based on Sioraf as Na Cillini if he took things too far.
Believes in a helping hand government. Believes in an iron fist government.
Believes that people often use their freedom for evil but believes that a balance should be struck between freedom and keeping crime down Believes that people mainly use their freedom for evil so it must be minimised.
Believes in playing fair and only committing evil acts if they're the lesser evil Believes that the ends justify the means
Believes that life is hard but wouldn't be so if people saw the world as it really is and as a result would be willing to change it for the better Believes that life will always be terrible no matter what
Believes that very few people can be trusted Believes that nobody can be trusted


  • Pergamum is one of the seven churches of Asia in the Book of Revelation (the final book of the Bible) and is described as having the seat of Satan.
  • Pergamum's surname is Irish for Winter (since it's Sioraf's joint least favourite season, the other joint least favourite being Summer).
  • On the 7th of February 2015 he became the first character to have a theme song . It was one of the first pieces of music gathered for the game and the very first one made. 
  • Cree P was first drawn by Sioraf as Na Cillini years before he thought of making the game so in a way he is the first character of the game to be created. He wears sunglasses.