Penelope is a twelve year old girl and one of the Black Children. She is often paired with Nicholas for missions and travels with him on tours.

Personlity Edit

Penelope, like Nicholas, is very polite. She sees the victims as toys to play with, often torturing them before killing them. Penelope likes music but also likes dolls and has a huge collection. Some of her dolls have the souls of her victoms. She also likes tea and candy. She is very close to Nicholas and cares for him deeply.

Powers Edit

Penelope can make people see illusions and make their body feel pain or part of a situation that she projects which she often does to make people commit suicide. She can also control water and turn her body into water.

Appearnce Edit

Penelepe has blue eyes, long black hair and pale skin. She is very skinny and wears a black dress.