Nocte and Dies are twins; they consider themselves to be Candy's cousins but in reality they're just her godbrothers.

Nocte,and Dies
Gender Male
Age 21
Species Human
Status Alive
Faction Hitmen /Singers
Relatives Aunt

Occupation Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Resides in The Valley
Aliases Unknown

Personality Edit

Nocte and Dies both love pranks, art, music and singing. They're both pop singers and are secretly hitmen for their aunt.

Nocte Edit

Nocte is the more sophisticated of the group and the most intellectual. He loves science and often tries to invent new kinds of weapons and medicine. He wants to be a doctor one day but his aunt won't let him.

Dies Edit

He is the more comical of the group. He likes jokes and comedy; often trying to make up jokes. He loves to garden and loves fashion. He often designs clothes for himself and his brother's concerts and often make clothes for Candy and Roseanne.

History Edit

Nocte and Dies were happy children when they were younger. They often played visited and trained with Candy. This all came to an end when their parents were killed by an assasin whom they assumed was from the assasin group that their parents used to be in. They expected to live with Candy's parents since Candy's parents were their godparents but sadly their aunt sued and won custody over them. So now they live with her and her daughter instead.

Appearance Edit

The twins look almost identical; the only difference is their hair and skin colour. They both have short hair and often wear a long sleeved shirt and pants. Nocte's hair is red while Dies' is transparent . Their eyes are slanted. Nocte's skin is more peachy white while Dies is more pale.

Relationships Edit

Aunt Edit

Nocte and Dies never liked their aunt. When they were small she often baby sat them. At first she doted on them but when no one was looking she showed her obsessive side; filming them every second and experimenting on them when she was sure that they were asleep. She even tried to seduce Nocte several times but Nocte always refused which oftens left her angry and heart broken. She often sends them on missions to kill people. The twins often resist but she manipulates them into doing it.

Roseanne Edit

The twins love Roseanne and often treat her as the little sister they always wanted; playing with her and always protecting her.

Candy Edit

The twins love Candy and often see her as cute and adorable. They often tease her and set pranks all over the factory much to Candy's disdain but they still genuinely care for her. They sometimes accompany Candy on her journeys.

Powers and talents Edit

The twins are both excellent at singing and hiding. Nocte has a genius intellect and has the power to manipulate water. Dies has the power to generate electricity.

Trivia Edit

  • Nocte and Dies are Latin for night and day respectively.

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