Nathan is a ghost and a member of the Alpha Team.

History Edit

Nathan was a wealthy child who lived in a fancy townhouse. His mother died giving birth to him which his grandmother never got over; she kept verbally and physically abusing him, calling him a filthy child, and wishing that he had been stillborn. After his father died in a crash, his grandmother became his guardian. She often denied him food or ordered the servants not to give him his daily medicine for asthma. Nobody outside of the house knew about the abuse; by all appearances, his grandmother was kind to him and acted nice to everyone else. One day when Nathan came home from school, his grandmother was greiving for his mother. Nathan tried to comfort her but she slapped him, saying that a fiithy thing like him had no right to touch her. Nathan then had an asthma attack, while his grandmother did nothing to help him. The last thing Nathan saw was her smirking at him as he died. 

Personality Edit

Nathan's personality can be described as childish, sweet and caring. He is nice to mostly everyone he meets. He likes to meet new people and give them warm welcomes. He likes children, toys, sweets, animals and likes to cook. He tries to see the bright side of everything, much to Karen's dismay. When he fights or has a target his personality changes. He becomes very cold, only showing emotion when he kills or destroys the target whereupon he smiles sadistically, enjoying their death, pain and sorrow.

Appearance Edit

Nathan has short curly blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a long sleeve buttoned shirt and black pants with boots. He also has a stop watch.

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