Mechanica is 10 years old and is one of the Black Children.

Personality Edit

Mechanica's personality is cheery, sweet and naive. She is usually gullible, and she sees the beauty of everything. She dosen't believe that when she kills people that they're dead, instead assuming that they're unconscious. Mechanica likes flowers, classical music and animals.

Powers Edit

Mechanica can control machines; she can also rebuild things or destroy them with her mind. She can also make living things explode as well. She also can heal people and regenerate their limbs and organs as well. She dosen't get cold or hot.

Appearance Edit

Mechanica's skin is pure white. Her hair is long, white and reaches down to her legs and her eyes are pitch black. She wears a white a dress that ends above her knees, accented with two black and red stripes going down.

History Edit

When Mechanica was five years old Elise started to experiment on her to see how developed her powers were. She often had her make things explode; mostly with animals but sometimes people. Which Elise kidnapped to experement on as well which Mechanica hated; she was forcefully chained up and given painful shocks to the head as she killed her victims. If Elise dosen't feel likes she does it quick or well enough she recieved painful shocks to her whole body.