Lir Aogawa is a young woman (21 at the start of the game) who lives in Siorafrica and is a farmer's daughter. She is a swan person and as such has pale skin and a long neck. She is tall and has long blonde hair and brown eyes. She has a crush on Sionnach and while he doesn't feel the same about her he does like to hang around with her as she has a nice personality. She is Richard Stacker 's second cousin and this causes tension between them as she finds his radio show to be very rude and she can't stand Joe The Crow in particular. Alas for her she is also related to Mr. Vain since he is Stacker's nephew. She gives out to Stacker thinking that she might someday, somehow convince him to give up on his radio show but she has given up on Mr. Vain changing his ways and so she just tries to avoid him as much as possible. 


While Lir likes stuffed animals she also has an enthusiasm for self defence and this has led to a number of men who got fresh with her getting the living daylights beaten out of them. She studies her father at work in the fields in the evening after she gets home from the textile factory where she works. In her spare time she likes to listen to soothing music and look at nature paintings. Her favourite place to be is at an onsen or spa, preferably by the sea. Lir is a shy and gentle person but she also likes to play sports. 

Life Sim Stats (Out Of 999)Edit



  • Due to her being a swan woman Sioraf made her surname Aogawa (Japanese for blue water) and her firstname Lir after the Irish fairytale The Children Of Lir.

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