Karen is 22 years old and part of Team Alpha, a group that Gabi summons when she needs or wants them. 

History Edit

Karen was the ruthless leader of a mafia, which she took over after her beloved father died. She was nicknamed The Raven. One night at a drug deal in a factory there was a gas leak which lead to an explosion, killing her cronies and killing her in the process. Now she is an undead being stuck in limbo where she must serve a human until the due is paid.

Appearance Edit

Karen is tall, thin and has pale skin. Her hair is black and blue. Her hair is either tied up or in a pony tail or is down. Her outfit usually consists of black pants; some parts of it have holes and the ends are shredded. She has a navy blue tank top and a black jacket with pockets. She often wears an eye patch for show. 

Personality Edit

Karen can be described as a sarcastic, careless and tough girl. She can also be very annoyed by her job; especially if Gabi summons her for selfish reasons. She often says something snarky or rolls her eyes. Karen hardly trusts anyone and sees pretty much everyone new she meets as a possible enemy, probably due to her being an ex-mafioso. Nevertheless she does cares for her teammates, even Gabi but she doesn't admit it.

Powers Edit

Karen's power is to generate blue flames that can burn anything.

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