Joan is the aunt of Nocte and Dies and she is secretly one of the Black Children. She owns a medical business.

Gender Female
Age Unknown
Species Human
Status alive
Faction Assain Leader/Elise Hench Woman
Relatives BlackChildren (Sibilings)

Black Widow/Elise (Mom) Nocte and Dies (Nephews) Rosame (clone/daughter)

Occupation Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Resides in Unknown
Aliases Unknown

History Edit

Joan and her older brother Ritcher were sent by Elise to Assasin Island when they were children to be raised there, become the best assasins and become the island's leaders. After a while they became friends with Candy's father and escaped the society as adults to live a normal life, but Joan, still exerting loyalty to her mother and the society, secretly never left. After her nephews were born, she confronted her brother. Enraged that he truly wants to live a normal life, she went back to the island by herself and overthrown the leaders by killing them and rising up in their place. After a while, her nephews grew up and went to killed their parents. She killed his brother's wife and left her brother alive, offering him to be with her and rule Assasin Island together as their mother wanted. He refused and Joan sensually kissed him as a response, only for him to push her away in disgust. Enraged, she stabbed him with her sword, saying that she always loved him as a lover.

Personality Edit

Initially, Joan seems to have a light hearted personality, but in reality is cold. She often knows how to manipulate people to get what she wants. When angry, she is prone to cruel, violent outbursts, contradicting her calm personality. She loves fancy things and has a soft spot for music.

Relationships Edit

She treats her nephews as toys or weapons,often giving them missions, experimenting on them and play mind games with them. She oftens threatens to kill Roseanne if they don't do what she says and is attracted to Nocte, frequently making unrequited advances at him.

Roseanne Edit

Roseanne is Joan's daughter, but in reality is her clone after Joan discovered she was unable to have children. She often consider Roseanne a failure because she does not share her ideals and as a result she treats Roseanne as a pet she no longer loves but still tolerates.

Appearance Edit

Joan has curly red hair and often wears a white business suit.

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