Jack,and Jill
Gender Male/Female
Age 17 (7 physically)
Species Human
Status Unknown
Faction Henchmen
Relatives Unknown

Occupation Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Resides in Unknown
Aliases Unknown

Jackson and Jillian, or Jack and Jill are twin children of Elise's. Physically, they appear to be seven years old, however they are seventeen mentally.

Personalities Edit

At first glance Jack and Jill may come across as normal happy children, but in reality they are quite cold and sadistic.

Jill Edit

The leader of the two, Jill will act sweet and polite to strangers yet alone she acts deviant and somewhat bossy. She greatly values her missions and she takes them quite seriously, quickly losing her temper and complaining when Jackson does not share her enthusiasm. Regardless, Jill still loves her brother. Jill typically mocks her victims. Jill likes to draw and loves art. She also likes to dance and watch plays.

Jack Edit

Jack serves as the brawn of the duo. He doesn't take missions as seriously as his sister and gets tired of her nagging, although he loves her and his loyal to her. He enjoys killing and is the one who takes the most joy out of doing so. He also likes sports, loves to eat, and hates it when people call him a little kid.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Jack and Jill both have telekinesis and mind reading abilities. They also are very skilled at gymastics and are very flexible.

Appearance Edit

Jill Edit

Jill has platinum blond braided hair and blue eyes. She wears a pink sun dress and Mary Janes and always carries a basket containing flowers, yet underneath them are daggers and several varieties of poison.

Jack Edit

Jack wears a shirt with blue overalls and carries a bucket. He has dirty blond hair and blue eyes.

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