Harmony island is a medium size island that iss closed to Ameaga,and its consider part of it .The islands are famouse for beaches,and naturaul medic ine. Its always sunny there,and its used as a vacation island,or a convention island.I

History Edit

Harmony island was thought to be deserted island ,two century ago. A team of Aneaga settelers decided to explore the island,and found the descendant of natives of the island.Who taught eached other many things . The natives made crafts,medicine,and other little things. The settlers went backed to Aneaga,telling them about the people there .

Modern day Edit

Harmon island is now famouse for there small buisiness,and vacation resorts.The descendants of the harmony people,owns most of the buisiness,and shops that are on the island.There also famouse for there dance ,and music festivals. There also a few reasercher facilitise,that worked making medicine or ways to heal the sicked.

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