Grimorie is a gothic city that is built near the edge of the continent. The city is famouse for theaters, its Universities, scientists, nightclubs, inventions, aristocrats, actors, vampires and Frakensteins.

Setting Edit

Grimorie has a gothic London like setting; the sky is usualy grey and cloudy. The buildings are all either gothic like or oldish buildings.

University Edit

One of the things Grimorie is famous for is the university. The University is huge and has a lot of classes there. There are small businesses around the campus also. Many people who are successful now started out as a graduate from the school. There are many famous scientists who meet there and do lectures too.

Theathers Edit

The city has many theaters; many of them were open 200 years ago. People come from all over to look at plays at the ancient cinemas which look like a museum of history. Many of the theaters still perform the same plays that were performed many years ago.

Clubs Edit

The other thing Grimorie is famous for is its night clubs. The night clubs vary; some are just dance clubs, while others are more sinister. Some are fronts for vampires to meet and turn humans into vampires.

Robots Edit

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