Frankensteins are humanoid creatures with superhuman strength and great endurance.

Appearance Edit

Unlike popular depiction, these Frankensteins do not have bolts on their necks. Their sizes vary; some are small, some are average height and some are tall. Their hair varies like normal humans. The Frankensteins' skin looks is more cadaeverous and they have stitches all over their bodies.

Creation Edit

To create a Frankenstein, one must find body parts in good condition and stitch the pieces together. Then they must make the body and stitch it up. To activate it, they must put the body in an electrically charged pool and turn it on to allow a soul to enter the body, awakening the Frankenstein. Some Frankensteins were human before but after accidents their bodies were heavily damaged. Before the soul leaves the body, they were hurried for operations and were reconstructed as Frankensteins.

Powers Edit

Frankensteins have great physical strength and endurance. They can breath through gas and survive falls, as well as unstitch their limbs and control and reattach them at any time.