Esmeralda Anastasia
Gender Female
Age 13
Species Unknown
Status Alive
Faction Evil
Relatives Unknown

Occupation Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Resides in Unknown
Aliases Unknown

Esmeralda Anastasia is Eilonwy's evil counterpart. She is transported from her own world along with the other protagonist's alternate selves.

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Esmeralda is the complete opposite of her counterpart Eilonwy.She is portrayed as arrogant, selfish and lazy, as well as a pyromaniac. She considers herself above all humans and thinks she should be ruling the world. Esmeralda is also infatuated with Pergamum, and is determined to have him at all costs. She often competes with Caramella for his attention.

Unlike Eilonwy, Esmeralda has the power to control forms of darkness.

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Eilonwy Edit

Esmeralda views Eilonwy as weak and naive. She often taunts the girl because she finds her reactions adorable. She considers Eilonwy to be a completely different person all together, ignoring the fact that she was once just like her.

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  • In some languages, her name means "Emerald".

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