Gender Female
Age 11
Species Unknown
Status Unknown
Faction Unknown
Relatives Amelia (mother)

Occupation Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Resides in Unknown
Aliases Unknown

Emily is the daughter of Amelia, the woman who brought the dark counterparts to the world of A Million Miles Past.

Appearance Edit

Emily has long blonde hair which goes down to her knees and brown eyes like chocolate. She wears fancy dresses that her mother made for her. She also carries around a pink bunny named Jack.

Personality Edit

Emily's personality can be described as emotionless, she shows little to no emotion at all. She didn't even cry or show concern about her mother's demise. She also has a lack of empathy and morals. If she see something she wants, she'll get it without any concern or care for others. She also has a liking for cute things and loves stuffed animals which she has all over her room.

History Edit

Emily has no friends, she's been sheltered and spoiled rotten by her mother all her life.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Emily has many powers, one power she shares with her mother is the ability to go to other places, teleport and take from other dimensions. Her other powers are to kill people in an instant and to make people do whatever she wants.



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