Elk's are a lifestate ,there realeative to Elves . They usually live in wooded,or desert areas .

Appearance.Physical differences. Edit

Elk's are as tall as humans,and come with a very humanoid appearance. The only difference is the large pointy ears,and different color skin color. The skin color can be any color ,example red,yellow,blue,green,and purple . Some Elk s have tails,that can latched on to anything. Elks unlike humans have two stomach's,and are often hungry . They often eat meat,and sometimes wild animals. More Diabolic Elks eat other elks,and other humanoid creatures.They also have special nails that are sharp cut through skin.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Elks can telaport,turn invisible,and are very flexible . They have a good sense of smell,and can hunt preety well.

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