Elise/Black Widow
Gender Female
Age over 500
Species human/monster
Status alive
Faction Unknown
Relatives Black Children

Occupation Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Resides in Unknown
Aliases Unknown

Elise or Black Widow is Amelia's sister and is the main antagonist of A Million Miles Past.

History Edit

Elise, Amelia and their other sibilings and friends were gypsies and thieves that were always on the run from soldiers, townspeople and settlers. One day they were stealing gold from settlers from another continent, but were caught by guards and they ran away. Fearing for their lives, they hid in a cave and closed it with a boulder, where they found a tomb. Thinking it had gold in it they opened it and found a giant glowing stone. The stone glowed brightly and put everyone to asleep. One century later, everyone woke up and saw that they had supernatural powers and their bodies had changed.

Personality Edit

Elise can be described as having two personalities. Her fake one is nice, caring, and sweet, but her real one is manipulative, prideful, cunning, clever, deceitful and wicked. She has no remorse for her actions and doesn't care what she does to achieve her goals.

Black Widow Edit

Black Widow is the name the people gave to her. She visits town after town posing as a poor and kind woman with nowhere to go. The townspeople help her and then after a while she selects a man to be her next husband then she dates him and pretends to love him. After he marries her and she becomes pregnant she kills the man and has her splicers decompose him and then leaves town taking the child with her. After a while, she repeats this cycle.

Powers Edit

Widow has many abilities, such as precognition, the ability to give people visions and genius-level intelligence. She can heal fast and can shapeshift into a giant spider. Elise can change her skin colour, eye colour and hair colour. She has poison that can be ingested if she bites someone.

Black Children Edit

Elise's children are the children of her late husbands. She has them so she can see what kind of beings she can create when her DNA mixes with others. She uses her children as her henchmen and treats them as her experiments; often testing them and training them, which resulted in the demise of some of her offspring. Her children's looks can vary as well as their powers.

Appearance Edit

Elise's true appearance is dark green hair with emerald green eyes, pale skin and long hair that grows down to her legs.

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