Eliene is an asexual clone from her mother. She is described by her mother as her spitting image,and takes pride with her. Eliene is physically 20 years old.

Personality Edit

Just like her mother, Eliene is a good actress, putting on a sweet and kind front to hide her cold personality, exhibiting to empathy or remorse for her actions to anyone,  and regards murder as vital to her as breathing. She regards her siblings disrespectfully, thinking they are below her and were created to serve her. She is extremely loyal to her mother and would do anything for her. In reality, she wants somebody to truely love her.

History Edit

When she was young her missions were to petend to be a normal girl, be adopted by her targets, and kill them in their sleep.

Powers Edit

Eliene shares some powers with her mother, such as being able to make poison and heal fast. Other abilities of hers include augmented strength and the ability to turn her body in to a stretchy black substance that can harden or soften.

Appearance Edit

Eliene has pale skin, dark green eyes and black hair. She has a wide variety of clothes, but her casual outfit consists of a black turtleneck with and long black skirt. Her hair is short and slightly curly.