Lady Eilonwy Anastasia of Lyre is the daughter of the Lord of Lyre. 

Eilonwy Anastasia
Gender Female
Age 13
Species Human
Status Alive
Faction Good
Relatives Lady Scarlett Soraya (mother), Lord Claude Fontaine (father)

Occupation Unknown
Affiliations Bubbles (Sprite)
Resides in Lyre
Aliases Lady Eilonwy, Esmeralda Anastasia (evil version)

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Eilonwy is a sassy and sarcastic rich girl. She always verbosely and formally and dresses like a princess. She is loyal to her friends and stands up for them no matter what. She is determined to accomplish all of her life goals, no matter how crazy and impossible they may seem.

Eilonwy is very talkative and it is a challenge to get her to stop. She is also slightly cynical and tends to shut herself out from other humans because she's afraid they'll judge her.

She loves horseback riding, collecting dolls and anything shiny. She dislikes bootlegs, minestrone soup and mouldy food.

History Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Mind Reading/Control
  • Photokinesis: The ability to control and manipulate forms of light
  • Change her appearance
  • Seal people inside pictures and other objects
  • Psychic abilities (She can sense when evil is afoot)
  • Create shields (Better known as "Star Shield")
  • Mirror Flare: Shots a beam of light at the enemy
  • Solar Storm: Summons rays of sunlight which explode on contact with an enemy
  • Full Cosmic Solar Energy: Eilonwy charges her energy which creates a huge explosion.It is occasionally known to backfire

Gallery Edit

Trivia. Edit

  • Her Star Sign is Gemini.
  • Eilonwy's character is partially based of Princess Eilonwy from the 1985 Disney film "The Black Cauldron".
  • Her horse's name is Mei.

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