Dylan is the youngest of the Victor sibilings. He is 18 years old.

Personality Edit

Dylan can be described as smart, yet cowardly. He enjoys reading cooking and performing experiements in he lab. He hates getting dirty and is obsessive-compulsive. Even so, Dylan cares about others, and tries his best too cheer people up if they are unhappy. He resents his condition as a vampire and regrets be turned into by one. He is also very squeamish around gore, violence and blood.

History Edit

Before he was relocated to the orphanage,he lived with his father and mother. His father was tough and steern, while his mother was sweet and kind, and he often watched her clean and cook. She later died of an illness, shortly after he turned three, and his father was killed by his gambling mates. In the orphanage he was often bullied for his effeminacy. He was prone to crying and carried a doll and teddy bear with him. The only people who didn't tease him were Ben and Trista.

Appearance Edit

Dylan has black hair, blue eyes, freckles,and glasses. He is often seen wearing sweaters, pants and combat boots.