Dr Marcus is an old scientist and inventor whose research facility is on Harmony Island. He also owns a mansion that caters to orphans on Harmony Island but actually it's a front to experiment on and smuggle orphans to Black Widow.

Personality Edit

On the surface Dr.Marcus has a friendly and gentle personality but in reality he is a twisted, perfectionist eugenicist who believes that only the strongest should survive. He also believes that the current world is flawed and needs to be destroyed and replaced. He still has a soft spot for children and people who lost family. He donates to orphanages believing that children are the key to a stronger new world.

Experemints/Projects Edit

Marcus has done good in his life by making a serum that can cure diseases. He invented a way to grow limbs on people but he also makes poisons and new diseases to be used to exterminate the weak. He made a deadly virus called the virgo; sometimes he used it on the villagers of Harmony so he can kill or hospitalise certain adults so their children can come to him and be new test subjects.

Realationships Edit

Black Widow Edit

Dr. Marcus has known Black Widow for years and is one of her most trusted allies. Ever since he was young Elise gave him money for his research. In exchange he agreed to help her invent things and make special tools and new children for her to use. He believed that Elise is the savior and mother of the new world. He is extremely loyal to Elise and would do anything she asks.

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