Gender Female
Age Unknown
Species Humanoid
Status Alive
Faction Evil
Relatives Unknown

Occupation Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Resides in Unknown
Aliases Unknown

Caramella is Candy's evil counterpart. She was transported from her own world along with the other protagonist's alternate selves.

History Edit

Just like Candy, Caramella's parents were brutally killed the same way in front of her. Much later, she considers forgiving her parent's murderer, thinking he was a changed man, and that he regretted what he had done, as he had begun donating to charities, and even apologized to her for his crime. One day she goes to visit him in his office where she overhears his conversation with him and a woman, to whom he was donating money to support to orphanage. When his guest leaves, Caramella sees his true colors, observing him mocking the woman and calling her consumers stupid, remarking that he only supports charity organizations to maintain his image. At this point, Caramella went in, and the man, unaware of her eavesdropping, welcomes her warmly until she tells him that she overheard what he said. He laughs at her in response, calling her naive and stupid. Caramella boldy professes that she will show to world his true colors, a claim that he lightly brushes off, saying that she can't do anything. With that, he drugs her and molests her, all the while mocking her, telling her that nice people are weak, and that the hunter and the hunted are the only kinds of people in the world. After he finishes with her, he returns to his desk and Caramella puts her clothes back on when the effects of the drugs wear off. As she leaves, she abruptly turns around and shoots his hands with a gun, then proceeds to stab him mercilessly with a knife, laughing and crying all the while until he is virtually unrecognizable. When she ends her attacks, she repeats that she showed the world his true colors and runs away, laughing and crying.

Personality Edit

While Candy's personality is sweet and caring, Caramella can be described as cruel and sadistic. She enjoys seeing people in pain and sorrow, especially if it comes from the experiments she forces on people. She herself is masochistic, and often hurts herself for fun.

Appearance Edit

Family Edit


Orbby Edit

The alternare version of Milo, just like Milo he is also a candy creation. He can turn in to any gas or gas like substance which Caramella uses to suffocate people sometimes. He is black and has beady white eyes while Milo has black eyes. He is very loyal to Caramella and would protect her at all costs.

Relationships Edit

Candy Edit

Caramella sees Candy as childish, weak and cute since she was just like her before the rape incident. She teases her and messes with her as often as she can because she finds Candy reactions cute. Nevertheless, she does not have a negative opinion of Candy and regards her as younger twin sister. She wants Candy to become just like her.

Emily Edit

Caramella has a soft spot for Emily since both of them lost their mothers at a young age. She often plays with her and reads to her since Emily's mother never read to her before. If the others are teasing her she would often glare at them in Emly's defense.

Pergamum Edit

Just like Candy and Sionnach, Caramella and Pergamum are friends but unlike Candy she has an admiration for Pergamum; partly because she was a fan of his rap band before they met. Caramella is very loyal to him and would kill for him in an instant.

Powers Edit

Super Strength

Force Fields

Energy blasts but unlike Candy's hers are black and give an electric shock.


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