Gender Unknown
Age 2 months (physicaly 10)
Species Human/clone
Status Alive
Faction Unknown
Relatives Unknown

Occupation Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Resides in Unknown
Aliases Unknown

Cake is one of the four clones of the orphan squad. She is a clone of Candy. Cake is physicaly 10 years old but in reality she's not even a year old.

History Edit

Cake, just like the rest of her companions, was created accidently in a lab which was on the verge of destruction.

Personality Edit

Cake's personality can be described as quiet and thoughtful. She hardly speaks and when spoken to she always just says what ever's on her mind. She loves to fight and be in battles and would be slightly sadistic to her opponient. Nevertheless she cares deeply for others and especialy for her fellow clones whom she considers family. Cake likes to bake and make sweets. She also has a soft spot for animals.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Cake shares some abilites with Candy and Caramella. Cake has super strength, can survive harsh conditions and is smart but she can't generate energy blasts.

Appearance Edit

Cake unlke Candy has long brown hair. She has the same pink eyes as Candy. She wears a pink tank top and light brown cargo pants or shorts with black boots and always has a sucker in her mouth.

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