Mr. Vain is an 18 year old womanizer and is constantly cracking dirty jokes and innuendos at women.


Mr. Vain is not afraid of much and always put his ideas across. He will always stick up for his friends when they are in a fight. He often makes passes at women but moves onto another one once inevitably he gets turned down. When he isn't looking for women he is a DJ. Mr. Vain is also reckless and a chancer but a lot of the time his quick wits get him out of trouble. While not necessarily intelligent he is skilled at thinking on his feet. 

Starting Life Sim Stats (Out Of 999)Edit

Being a minor character the default for each stat is 400.

Physical: 750                                    
Mental: 500
Emotional: 200
Health: 600
Energy: 800
Happiness: 900


  • His nickname is derived from Culture Beat's 1993 hit song Mr. Vain and is based on a classmate that Person with person went to school with.
  • Originally he was simply known as Mr. Vain, but Imaginationgirl wasn't happy with the name, so Sioraf as Na Cillini decided to make Mr. Vain just his nickname.
  • His first name is Bucephalus due to the fact that Alexander the Great named cities after his horse Bucephalus.
  • His surname is derived from the river that is associated with the Ancient Greek poet Homer.
  • Sioraf as Na Cillini decided to give him a Greek name as a reference to narcissistic Greek characters appearing in 2DWonderland's story The Caged Underworld and also a story made by one of her friends (Tokidoki Brigade by May).