Ben is the oldest and most mature of the Victor sibilings. He is 23 years old.

Personality Edit

Ben can be described as having a cool personality. He is often very quiet and only speaks when spoken to. He is the first heir of his adopted father's business and is a hard worker. He is shown to be very caring even to his victims, making sure they're comfortable and ensuring he doesn't take too much blood. Ben often is seen dating or making deals with investors. If Ben has a problem or has been hurt he often dosen't show it, probably because he knows that crying or getting upset won't make a situation any better.

History Edit

Before Victor adoped him, he resided in the State Home For Lucky Children. Ben didn't know his parents, as he was dropped off as a baby. Ever since he was young, Ben started to learn to take care of himself and was self-educated in reading and writing. When he was eight years old, he got a job as paper boy and became roomates with Trista and Dylan later that same year, looking after them since that day.

Appearance Edit

Ben is tall, with black hair and green eyes. He often wears suits or regular black clothes and almost never wears anything fancy or ornamental.

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