Audrey/Mom is Elise and Amelia 's sister. She is a politician and the Queen-Mayor of Ezttec.

History Edit

Just like her sisters, Audrey was a gypsy though lacking their lust for power. After she woke up and discovered her powers she renounced her evil ways and vowed to use her abilities to help others.

Personality Edit

Audrey is kind, generous, wise and caring. She tries her best to help everyone and rules Ezttec fairly. She remains uninfluenced by hatred and forgives everyone who does her wrong. She loves children and even adopted a few of her own. She even gives money to charities to support struggling families and orphans all over Aneaga. She also can sing and offers advice to others. She is dubbed the Mother of Light.

Powers Edit

Audrey can heal others, make things grow and revert things back to their original state but she also possesses dark powers to make people feel pain, set things on fire and end life.

Appearance Edit

Audrey is tall with fair skin and long blonde hair that reaches down to her feet. She wears a white dress but for her job as mayor she dons a white buisness suit.

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