Amelia is a beautiful evil woman who wanted to take over the universe. Due to the fact that she predicted that the characters would defeat her she searched for things in other demensions to keep them busy. She found evil versions of the characters and then transported them here to do her biding. She looks 34 but she's actually 600 years old.

History Edit

Personality Edit

Amelia's personality can be described as vain, arrogant and power hungry. Amelia thinks she is the most beautiful and most powerful woman in the earth. She sees everyone else as inferior, as only pawns or entertainment to be used. She also has a soft spot for children and loves her daughter Emily but it can be noted that she treats her more like a pet than a child or even a person. She doesn't treat the alters terribly either. She see's them as children probably because of her actual age. When she doesn't like what they say or do she teleports them to a black demension for a few hours, much to the alternate characters' dismay. Which might be another reason why they destroyed her.

Family Edit

Amelia is the eldest sister of Elise, Aurora and her other sibilings. She has no husband and has only Emily whom she spoils rotten.