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Levelling Up

I understand the logic of RPGs and other games having level ups needing more experience at higher levels like obviously 100 is a far higher level than 2 but whether you're going from level 1 to level 2 or level 99 to level 100 it's still the same rate of increase. This can lead to frustration later on as you keep grinding and grinding to get to the next level.

For this game I'd like to all level ups needing the same amount of experience, after all my idea is that every enemy beaten would level you up by 1, my idea is to have 100 enemies after all. 

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I think you said once that you wanted all of the characters to have all of their attributes from the beginning, since the original AMVQ game had some useless abilities after levelling up. However, I want to know if we can work on that by having there be some key abilities that the characters have, but as they level up also gain new abilities that don't act as stronger versions of their previous abilities so that we don't have that "useless ability" problem. My logic behind this is so that the player can have something to strive for in the game, since I feel that if they had everything from the beginning, it would run the risk of being boring

That's a good idea. I'd space my guy's abilities that can be picked up out evenly. Let's see 100/16 = 6.25 so for my guy a new ability every 6 levels.

How about this; every stat that every character has goes up by 10 every time they level up? (999/100 = 9.99) apart from health and ammunition which go up by 100?

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